Old-School Blast:  Drop-Sets

Most baby-boomer guys tend to be old-fashioned.  They hold the door open for women, bring flowers to their significant other and take their hats off when going inside.  Well, here’s another old-fashioned training tip that’ll add new life to your fitness workout:  Drop-Sets!!  These are about as old-fashioned as you can get and produce results that will readily noticeable! 

First things first:  you’ll need to have been training for a while to pull this one off.  The reason is that drop-sets are demanding and will tend to lead to extreme soreness if you don't have a significant backlog of training under your belt.  So, get a nice backlog of working out before you try this one.  Here’s how it works:  start with your usual workout-weight and do a set.  Then, immediately take ten pounds off and do another set.  Little to no rest.  Once you’ve finished with that set, take another ten pounds off and do another set.  Again, little to no rest.  

For example, if your normal workout on the bench is 200 lbs, here’s how it goes: 

1.      200 for 5 reps.  Take ten pounds off the bar.

2.      190 for 5 reps.  Take ten pounds off the bar.

3.      180 for 5 reps.  Take ten pounds off the bar. 

Three times will be plenty.  Give yourself adequate rest between groups of drop-sets:  three to four minutes should suffice.  Two sets of Drop-Sets will be plenty.  You can do Drop-Sets with the bench press, military press, squats – any compound exercise that you have been doing for a while.  

Not only is this fitness routine old-school, it will life to a sagging workout!