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​​​If ​​you've ever wanted to get in shape but didn't think you could because you're too old or too out-of-shape, you can stop fretting!!  My website combined with my book, Weight Training for Old Guys, will give you all the information you'll ever need to build a strong, fit physique!! 

Weight Training for Old Guys takes you on a comprehensive, light-hearted fitness journey and incorporates both traditional and little-known Olympic Weight Lifting training methods that guarantee that no bully will ever kick sand in your face again!  Written in layman's terms, Weight Training for Old Guys is a thorough how-to guide that enlightens and entertains the reader. 

Here are just some of the book reviews:

​                                        Robby Robinson - Mr. America, Mr. Universe:  "I"ve                                           read your book five times.  I can almost recite it word-for-                                        word!  My assistant read it twice.  Your work's awesome!                                         Your timing is perfect!  Older men should read this book!"


Softcover:  $12.95 plus $4 shipping

​Kindle:  $4.99

​​​​health and fitness

Mike Katz - Arnold's Training Partner:  "I really enjoyed the read!  It brought me back to when men were men and boys were boys!  Tim, thanks for letting me help you with this book.  It's a trip back to the past!"